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Intelligence Support Against Poaching

ITS Never been easier to donate to ISAP!!

ISAP can only be as effective as the funding support we get from the public and business sectors, every small contribution makes a difference!!

Thank you for your continued support


ISAP is dedicated to providing intelligence support against poaching. We believe that by creating awareness, utilizing technology, and gathering information from various platforms, we can help support the Namibian authorities, the Namibian Commercial Farming sector, Private reserves etc. in their efforts to combat poaching.

Awareness Campaigns


ISAP conducts awareness campaigns to educate people about the harmful effects of poaching on wildlife and the environment. We also utilize technology to monitor and track poaching activities in real-time, enabling us to respond quickly and effectively.

Information Gathering


ISAP gathers information from various sources, including local communities, wildlife rangers, and other organizations. We also collaborate with other organizations and individuals to maximize our impact in the fight against poaching.

Get Involved


You can help support our efforts by donating to ISAP. Your contribution will go towards funding our awareness campaigns, technology, and information gathering efforts.


ISAP also welcomes volunteers who share our passion for environmental protection and combatting poaching. Whether you have technical skills or just want to help out, we have roles for people from all backgrounds.

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